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In my practice as a clinical psychologist, I integrate modern psychological concepts, advanced neuroscience, and somatic principals to provide personalized, solution-focused strategies for change that encourages, empowers, and emboldens my clients and patients.  I am a practitioner and clinical researcher of mindfulness-based interventions and have authored protocols and internationally attended presentations on the integration of mindfulness-based interventions in trauma treatment.

When it comes to building expertise and being a highly skilled provider - I go hard. I have two bachelors from The University of Texas at Austin, a masters in Counseling form St. Edward's University and a Doctorate in Psychology from Our Lady of the Lake University. I completed my internship and postdoctoral residency at the South Texas Veterans’ Healthcare Administration. My specialization is in trauma and mindfulness-based interventions. These features inform my work, but my scope of practice these days is broad and inclusive.

I am committed to a strengths-based, solution-focused orientation that celebrates collaboration, the inherent role of clients as the expert on their experience, and the importance of cultural humility. 

I am committed to making psychological health practical and accessible. 

I believe self-knowledge is self-possession and awareness is the work. 

I am committed to reminding you that wellness is something you do, not something you are. 

I believe that if you are going to be talking the talk, you had best be walking the walk - as such, I engage in therapy myself.  I know first hand that being in the client chair is a brave thing to do. Its definitely worth it, but it takes some courage. For those of you willing I am committed to meeting you there in a genuinely authentic, non-patronizing, non-pathologizing, non-judgmental way.


Self Esteem / Self Worth 
Stress Management
Trauma and PTSD
Work Stress



Dr. Vanburg provides Telehealth services in the following states: Texas, Iowa, Colorado and PSYPACT Participating States (33 States Active).

For more information on which state qualifies for service, visit

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